What is soccer and how is it played?

The game of soccer additional normally referred to outside U. S. as football — has long been one among the foremost in style sports within the world. With origins that date back several centuries, the football game is played by young kids, school students, and professionals. Amateur clubs and weekend warriors boost the fervor that swells up every four years for the most-watched sporting event within the world, the World Cup.

In some ways, the football game could be a fairly easy or pure game. the first rule is that players cannot touch the ball with their hands or arms whereas the ball is in play. The exception to the current rule is that the goalie. The goalie could be a selected player whose main job is to shield the goal from the opponents. The goalie is that the last line of defense and may catch orbit the ball with their hands. Players conjointly cannot tackle, push, hit, or knock down their opponents.

The typical gameplay in football game involves one team that has possession of the ball dribble the ball and spending it amongst themselves to do and obtain to wherever they’ll kick or head the ball into the goal. The opposite team is consistently making an attempt to require the ball away. The possession of the ball will change quite often throughout the game.

Each soccer team has eleven players together with the goalie. The winner at the top of the selected time is that the team with the foremost goals. Every goal counts for one purpose. If there’s a tie, there is also overtime or there might fighting to work out the winner.


Learn to dribble the ball.

Dribbling is controlling the ball whereas running. If you wish to stay the ball in your team’s possession, you are going to wish to dribble well. Propulsion is all regarding touching the ball sturdy enough to hold it forward, however lightweight enough in order that it stays at your feet. You’ll be able to dribble with the within of your foot, on top of the toe (with the foot pointed down toward the ground), and even with the surface of your foot. The simplest way to dribble for beginners is maybe with the within of your foot.

Learn to dribble at totally different speeds. Once you are running down the sideline and you have crushed your defender, your propulsion can look a great deal totally different from once you take on a defender head-on. Also, you visit on  먹튀검증

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