Weight Loss Diet Plan: Easy ways to lose weight

If you are dieting to lose weight and are planning a weight loss diet, then it becomes very important that you follow the right diet to lose weight Go While looking for ways to reduce obesity, your quest will surely end on the right exercise and an effective weight loss diet. But if you are thinking that just by going to the gym, you will lose weight. Only by exercising and eating anything will you lose weight, then you are wrong.Neither can you lose weight just by exercising nor by just being hungry. You may lose weight by doing this, but it will weaken the body. Because while unilateral exercise helps you strengthen your stamina, immunity and metabolism, eating a meal that has high amounts of sugar and carbs only promotes tiredness and laziness. Therefore a balance of both is important. It is important to keep the diet right to lose weight. You should know how your diet is to eliminate belly fat on the stomach. Often obesity is reduced and weight also decreases, but the fat stored on the stomach is not reduced. So let us tell you  such diet related measures which will reduce the fat stored on the stomach along with reducing weight.

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  1. Improve metabolism or metabolism to lose weight. For this, you drink green tea, sleep well, eat plenty of protein, drink plenty of water, change the cookie fats in your diet, eat more fiber, all this will help improve your metabolism ie fatballism. The direct effect of which will be seen on reducing weight and also on your smile.
  2. Eat vegetables to lose weight. Vegetables are an important role in weight loss diet. And if you are on a diet to lose weight, then you cannot miss vegetables in any condition. Vegetables are rich in nutrition and they also contain fiber, which are helpful in improving your metabolism. Remove starchy vegetables like potatoes in your diet and include high fiber vegetables like broccoli, cabbage etc.
  3. Include barley in your diet to lose weight. Barley has its own place in the Indian diet. Actually, barley is unheated wheat. You can boil barley in salads or cook it with vegetables and eat it. It would be better if you use peeled barley, it will prove to be a better option.
  4. You can achieve the goal of losing weight quickly by including flaxseed seeds in your diet. Keep in mind that if you eat any good thing, then eat it properly, so that it can benefit you. It is important to know how to eat flaxseed. So we tell. You can also eat it raw but fry the flaxseed seeds for 5 minutes to enhance the taste. Grind the roasted linseed seeds in a grinder. Now you can take a teaspoon of the powder daily.

If You are More Keen to Lose Weight Early Then Follow This Diet Plan Also :

The sooner body fat increases, the more time it takes to reduce it. If fat is to burn fast, then your diet should be fully balanced. People who want to lose weight fast will have to get rid of their junk food habits.

Not only this, full attention has to be paid to your lifestyle and dieting. If you follow the diet mentioned below thoroughly for 10 days, then you can easily lose 10 kg. Along with this, you have to do some exercise or jogging for 20 minutes every day, so that you get immediate results.

If you are thinking of losing 10 kg weight in 10 days, then read and follow this diet chart mentioned by us.

Lose 10 kg in 10 days, read full diet

Use this drink in the morning to 

Remove obesity, it is very important to remove toxins from the body. By doing this, the body will burn calories faster. You have to drink it for about a month.

What should be in the breakfast of the morning? 

For this, you can consume oats, oatmeal, omelet, brown bread, skim milk or poha etc. as desired.

Mid-morning snacks to

To lose weight, you should eat something every two hours, so when hungry, you can eat biscuits with green tea. If you wish, you can also eat bananas, apples, watermelons, and satra in fruits.


Your lunch intake should not exceed 300 calories. In such a situation, you can have some green vegetables or lentils during lunch with veg soup, brown rice, lentils, fish, half cup of steamed vegetable rice, and multigrain chapati. You can also eat egg sandwiches. Cook the vegetables in less oil and avoid white bread.

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Evening breakfast

When in the evening around 6 o’clock, you can eat any fruit, dry fruits, green tea boiled egg whites, orange juice or grilled veg sandwiches.

What to eat

Dinner should always be light at night. In this case, you can eat boiled vegetables with boiled chicken breast. You can eat half a cup of chicken curry or boiled vegetables with 2 multigrain loaves.

Drink a fat cutter drink 

Before going to bed at  night, and if you take a fat burning drink before bedtime at night, then your obesity will soon go away.

Following Diet Can Help Reduce Belly Fat Faster

Diet Plan 1

Wake up in the morning and drink a glass of lukewarm water. This will help reduce fat along with clearing the stomach.

Eat a glass of milk and two tablespoons of oats or cornflakes for breakfast.

Eat porridge with two small bowls of vegetables for lunch. The fiber present in vegetables and oatmeal will keep the stomach full.

If you feel like drinking tea, drink green

Diet Plan 2

Days with a glass of water. After this, you can drink hot black tea or green tea.

For breakfast, you can drink soup in a big bowl that contains vegetables.

Eat two slices of whole vet bread at lunch. You can drink a cup of soup with it.

Can drink green tea in the evening. Avoid other types of tea or coffee.

Eat a sandwich made of vegetables for dinner. It would be better if you have bread oats or a whole wheat.

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