Some Best Jobs In The Entertainment Industry

College students, need to offer your parents a scare? Tell them you’re thinking of going into a career in media. Inundated with stories regarding the decline of the newspaper and magazine trade, most oldsters would in all probability like that their children select concerning the other occupation. However, not all media jobs need a press pass. These rising (or still relevant!) media jobs supply a thriving activity outlook and honest pay. If you’re keen on communication, whether, through the word or multimedia system, you’ll be able to still realize a dream job and payroll checks in one in all these fields.

Think about the last concert you attended. The band members were onstage for 2 hours, however, they didn’t get there by themselves. Somebody reserved the venue, promoted the show, drove the musicians to the area, found out the stage, musical group the lighting then loaded everything onto the bus when the show.

Movies, plays and television and radio show square measure even as concerned.

Not each job within the industry can get you fame, however, several can allow you to be artistic. A lot of significantly, they’ll place you in touch with professionals who will function valuable network contacts if you wish to create a come in a special role at some purpose.

If you’ve invariably needed to figure in diversion however knew to be an actress wasn’t within the cards, you continue to have many choices. From unnoticed jobs to others you may have not detected, here are some jobs within the industry.


Video Editor, GOLF Magazine

Here’s a chance to push the artistic boundaries once it involves the planet of golf. As a video editor for this sport-specific magazine, you’ll be ready to produce a large range of videos with the aim of constructing Golf.com the go-to place for golf and entertainment. Expertise written material in an exceedingly skilled atmosphere and a passion for the game could be a plus for this new York City-based role. (No knickers required).


Assistant, Television Electronics CAA

This entry-level role with one in every of Los Angeles’ biggest artistic agencies could be a nice foot within the door to figure with some biggie talent. This specific position can support the non-scripted (a.k.a reality television) division. If look reruns of Real Housewives are your plan of an honest time this Los Angeles-based role is also an honest match.

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