How to Make a Waterfall Bong

What you’ll Need:

  • A clean, empty plastic bottle with a plastic top (preferably a two-liter pop bottle , although any size will suffice)
  • A lighter
  • Water
  • A sharp knife or a drill (or the other sharp instrument)
  • Metal bowl
  • Your cannabis stash
  • Duct tape
  • Slider bowl attachment from a Bong

Step one: Create a hole near rock bottom of the bottle either with a pointy knife or a drill. It’s recommended that you simply use the drill because it’ll be tons easier, but you’ll still achieve equivalent results with a knife.

If you’re doing it with a knife or another sharp instrument, laid the bottle flat then bore down. Not only will this offer you more precision, but it’s an entire lot safer. Most users agree that 1 / 4 of an in. are about the dimensions you would like to urge an ideal draw. Once the opening has been made, cover it with the tape.

Step two: Make an airtight seal by covering the highest with the slider bowl. If it doesn’t fit, you’ll also bore a hole into the cap of the pop bottle and use that instead. Confirm you warmth the plastic round the hole within the cap.

This will help to make a far better seal. If there’s still some room up top, you’ll use a silicone or rubber washer (you can get these cheap at any local hardware store) to prop up any looseness and make a seal.

Step three: Fill it up with water, but leave some room at the highest. Fill your bowl on top together with your weed.

Step four: Apply heat from the lighter onto the weed within the bowl. At an equivalent time, open the taped end. The water will effuse and therefore the smoke from the heated stash will flow into the bottle, creating a milky environment inside.

Step five: Unscrew the highest and take your hit! Repeat to your leisure.

And that’s it! You’ve now created the right waterfall Bong. It isn’t a tough set-up, though if you’re doing it inside the house, it can require some clean-up, hence the utilization of paper-towels or cloths. Most users recommend that you simply do this method outside. If you’re camping or call at nature, that might be the right time to undertake it as any water you spill can attend the bottom.

Waterfall Bongs: Final Thoughts

Some users report that they’ve obtained a number of their best highs with this method. Also, the good thing about waterfall bongs is their adaptability. If you don’t have a bowl that matches, otherwise you don’t have a bottle cap, you’ll substitute a cork or maybe tin foil. Or, if you don’t have adhesive tape, you’ll use your finger. Make sure, though, that if you’re doing this inside your home, you’ve got an outsizes container or sink to let loose the water into. Otherwise, simply follow an equivalent steps. It’s that easy.

You can also optimize your hits by doing a couple of tricks. First, scrutinize what proportion or how little is within the bottle. You don’t want the water level to be nearly gone before you’re taking successful. You furthermore may don’t want the water within the bottle to be so full that you simply inhale water. Also, check the temperature of the water. Users agree that the colder the water you set into the bottle, the higher the hit. If you’re new the cannabis game, take it easy if you’re doing a waterfall bong. The hits are often pretty intense. If you’re able to start a replacement quite bong, though, go forth and blaze!

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